Well that was anti-climatic

Well it looks like I got really really really really busy and forgot to continue updating this blog. Sorry, here’s my excuse:

I was not killed by a horde of mutant zombie hippos and I did not become allergic to the internet. (Kind of a surprise actually. I feel like I’m allergic to everything else.) I had a busy summer. Not a “Wow, it feels like I’m doing at least one important thing a week.” busy summer but a “Oh my goodness, why did I ever decide that taking those summer classes was a good idea.” kind of busy. On top of that I had two. They were one month each. These also weren’t Art or Music Appreciation. These were Chemistry 1 and 2. Basically, eight months of hard science material crammed into two months. Lets just say I’m never doing that again. I say that now…

But anyway, I’m back! I will start updating more regularly and I’m also (per my sisters instructions) going to start using these things called tags that are supposed to make my blog easier to find on search engine thingies. I’m still in school and pretty busy, but now that the normal year has started I have a little more time and all four of my current readers and two subscribers are going to get a little more of my attention. (Katie, Lauren; you’re awesome.)

Anyway, a real post should be up in a couple of days. If not, get Katie to come kick me in the shins. Who is Katie you ask? Only the best sister ever. Go up the the top bar and hit my link to her blog. She’s going to take over the world. You should be prepared. Read this post to find out how to survive.

Welcome to the Danger Zone

Well. This isn’t the danger zone. Sorry to disappoint but I had to get your attention somehow. Apparently people like the danger zone. Someone even made a song about it.

While this may not be dangerous or even a zone at all. It is, however, the first post of many more to come. (Hopefully. I could be killed by a horde of mutant zombie hippos or become allergic to the internet. That would be dangerous. You never know.) And since it’s a first post I guess I’m obligated to expound upon what I mean by my title.


I’m not telling. Sure, you might be able to see it. I didn’t take any efforts to hide it. But I’m still not telling. Not now anyway.

Here’s the deal. I’ll tell you in one year. This means a couple of things:

  • First, and probably most importantly: I have to still be writing on this blog in one year. Which leads me to my next point.
  • Second, You have to read it. Yes. I can tell if you are reading this thing. Yes. That’s a little creepy. No, I can’t find out your name, address, SSN, etc. But I know if you’re reading. (By the way, you smell nice. Just kidding. About knowing that is. I’m sure you smell wonderful.) I won’t have any reason to write if no one reads. It would be sad, but I’d start doing something else. Like math. I like math. I’m a bit of a nerd I guess.
  • Third, I have to remember to write it. That’s where you come in. Read my blog. Remind me that I have to post a blog explaining the name come June 20, 2014. If I forget, I’ll blame you. Sure, it would be my fault but I’ll blame you anyway.
  • Fourth, Don’t correct my grammar if you can help it. I know, it’s deplorable. I’m trying to write in conversation style rather than a boring technical report style. I can do those. You don’t want to read them. They are SO boring. I check their grammar because I typically turn them in for a grade. I hate them. I don’t want to hate this. Don’t make me hate this.
  • Fifth, I can be pretty random. This doesn’t even belong here. It’s not part of the deal. My sister is pretty random too. I think it runs in the family. Did you know that all spiders are poisonous, most just don’t have large enough fang apparatus to pierce human flash? Spiders are arachnids. Crabs are also arachnids.
  • Other Fifth, I have to write things that you want to read. (See how this all comes back on me?) So. I’ll do my best, but if there is something you want me to write about then let me know! I don’t do fan-fiction. I won’t write that I’m seven feet tall (It would be a lie) but pretty much anything else is fair game.

So. Those five things are what it’s going to take to learn what I thought when I picked the name.
In one year, we can find out.

Anyway, I need to go ahead and write the “about” section and finish tweaking the look of the blog. I hope you like it and come back for many more reads! Check out the links at the top of the page. One is for my sisters awesome blog and the other is for a blog written by a good friend of mine. I think you’ll like them.

Thanks for inviting me to the party! Stay safe in the Danger Zone! Better yet, stay out of it!

Happy Internets!