Hi! If you’re reading this is because you want to know about someone that you probably don’t know in real life.


I’m just kidding. I gave you permission to creep on me by starting a blog didn’t I? I can’t promise I have anything new or clever to say, but I can convey a message in the most ridiculous way I can imagine. I’m generally pretty good at that. I’m a bit of a nerd. Ok, so I’m a mega nerd. I’m into Ham Radio and I don’t get lots of jokes because I completely over-think them. I never thought of these things as being overly nerdy but my sister has informed me on more than one occasion that they are, most definitely, nerdy. No, I don’t wear glasses, or tall socks, or pocket protectors. This, however, is apparently not enough to “un-nerdify” ones self.

I also like to write things. I write a lot of things. I write math problems, chemistry problems, physics problems, engineering problems, etc. I get sick of this every now and then and like to write other things. Apparently people like the things I write. (Not the problems. People tend not to like those.) I took this and ran, deciding to start a blog. That was four years ago back in 2008. Obviously my follow-through wasn’t great, but it’s alive now and that’s what counts. Writing fun and occasionally clever things is something I like to do, and I hope you will enjoy reading them. Thanks for visiting! Make sure to check out my friends blogs as well. They are pretty awesome. (One of them has more than 10 followers! She’s a success! (Now she has like a bazillion followers! Congrats!))


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